The Type Of Digest. iPhone XS Max drowned in beer, Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi is now on Android, Nubia Z18s with two screens and Samsung four cameras

Good Sunday evening, with you a regular digest of news of a failure. That is, those who in the main ribbon not included, but they are still interesting enough that you knew about them.

Let’s start with the placer Xiaomi.

  • 6 Redmi Note Pro will be released in the near future. Camera just get a display with a cutout at 6.26 inches, SoC Snapdragon 636, the camera is 12 and 5 MP and frontalka 20 and 2 MP, and battery on 4000 mA·h. in Short, almost a copy of Redmi Note 5, but with monopoly.
  • In the Network, some write that the new version of MIUI started to show ads even on a page with settings! Apparently, while this is rare, but not happy. Of course, Xiaomi sells its devices with a minimum margin, but is in the settings…
  • For smartphone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 began to sell replacement back panels. Is under the skin and under the tree. This, of course, are not real leather and wood, like the Motorola, but still looks better than the regular version.


  • As you know, charging Apple AirPower came out and, according to the latest data, soon will come. The source claims that there are a number of reasons: overheating, problems with software, problems with the speed of charging and interference due to the large number of coils inside (21-24). In short, while not wait.

  • Nokia 9 multi-modular camera, which can be a mini-revolution in the market, allegedly delayed until early next year. Perhaps Samsung will overtake Nokia and release a similar product before.
  • ZTE will release a smartphone Nubia Z18s, which is quite unusual. The device has two screens: one front and second back. Both color! Front by 6.26 inches and IPS and the back — AMOLED at 5.1 inches. And there will also be Snapdragon 845, up to 8 GB of RAM and 3800 mAh battery. I wonder why such a large second screen?

  • Rumors again attributed to Samsung’s intention to abandon the Galaxy J. this is the best selling line from the manufacturer. Before talking about replacing a new one, but now rumors indicate that the Galaxy line is just A will expand down and replace the line of Galaxy J. Given that already some models of the Galaxy A superficially copy the model of the Galaxy J, it may be so. But why?
  • About super battery HyperJuice I already told you in a separate news. Immediately, I note that at the time news campaign on Kickstarter has collected $ 140,000 if the required 100,000, and now almost passed for 400 000! Cool, I would like to test.
  • Google Calculator now also with Material Design. Looks purty. I have already updated.

  • The US imposed another batch of tax duties on goods from China. If they had concerned the list of goods valued at $ 50 billion, now — $ 200 billion! Initially the rate will be 10%, but from January 1 will rise to 25%! But Apple devices while they are not affected, despite the warnings of the company. Exhale.
  • Less than five months ago, Oppo presented the brand Realme and released the first smartphone. The brand focuses on India and the youth. Smartphones differ a great balance of price and options. So now, after less than five months, Realme has reported selling 1 million smartphones! Cool. Sorry we do not sell.

  • Remember accusations towards Apple regarding underpayment of taxes in the EU? So Apple has finished the translation on a special buffer account Ireland 14.3 billion euros, which will lay there until the investigation is completed. If Apple is found guilty, the money will go to the EU budget. And I think recognize.
  • The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti has already established a number of records in 3DMark. Under liquid nitrogen the core cranked up to 2,415 GHz and the memory up to 17,226 GHz. This allowed us to show the best results in several modes of the test. For example, 8822 score Graphics Score in Extreme Timespy.
  • I think XS iPhone — copy iPhone X? But hrenushki. Apple would not be myself if I hadn’t made a tiny change, which not all covers for old models fit new. The reason is just the large size of the camera module.
  • Car Alliance Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi has announced that goes to Android. The year 2021 will start to come out of the car Alliance with infotainment platform based on Android. Of course, the shell will be different, but the functionality will be shared. Cool?

  • Garmin vivofit jr. 2 — children’s activity tracker, which is secreted by the design. More precisely, design. Just look at the options.

  • Huawei continues to Troll Apple. In Singapore on the first day of sales of new products Apple Huawei employees went and simply gave external accum company. And expensive — SuperCharge for 60 bucks. The packaging was the inscription: “This power bank. You will need it”. She clearly alludes to a relatively modest autonomy of the new iPhone. That’s funny)

  • Apple continues for their upcoming series and shows to attract world stars. Another was Chris Evans, now known to all for playing Captain America in kynoselen Marvel. He will play in vosmiseriynogo Thriller Defending Jacob.

  • China has blocked Twitch. Just so you know.
  • The music industry over the past six months “earned” $ 4.6 billion. Of them 3.45 billion occurred in stream services. Sales of physical media and digital copies are falling. And still growing vinyl.
  • Specialists iFixit have decided not only to review the new Apple smartphones, but also to torture them. iPhone XS Max was immersed in a flask of beer! Lay there for five hours and survived. Like said that will drown and more, and then tell about the result. Do not repeat this at home.

  • But you still a scattering of images Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

  • Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy A7 (2018) with a triple main camera, and soon should show whether Galaxy A9 Star, A9 whether the Galaxy Pro, which will have main camera with four modules! And supposedly all modules will operate simultaneously to obtain higher quality photos. They say that the camera is the main module 24 MP, shirik, 8 MP, 5 MP on the depth of field (it’s like in the new A7), and an additional 10 MP for the zoom, that is the campaign, the telephoto. But as it is not very similar to what all modules will run concurrently. However, still it will be interesting to see what comes from Samsung.

  • Magic Leap could get a contract with the US army for the supply of 100 000 typefaces augmented reality!! The contract amount will exceed $ 500 million. The headset, of course, will be severely altered for the military. More precisely, I think this version will be entirely separate model. All this will be done in the framework of the project of HUD 3.0, which should make US soldiers more deadly. But Magic Leap has told me so much about the game…

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