The Type Of Digest. LG V40 with a perfect camera, China for the Hyperloop, Bezos is the richest, Alcatel 5V violate the laws of physics and more

This is the third digest of missed the news this week. Still very waiting for your comments and wishes. Previous you can read here. Go.

  • In Germany, Higher regional court of Munich handed down a curious decision. It forbids companies to start taking predicate the product, which is too vague release dates. For example, it is now impossible to sell games that do not understand when will. Well or device. Interestingly, Star Citizen, which has already gathered darrenelias money and not going to come out, it will affect?
  • Tesla Model 3 was called the most profitable electric car on the market. With every machine the company receives approximately 30% of net profit, a record for this segment. It turns out that the much more expensive Model S and Model X are less than favorable, curiously.
  • Western Digital will close one of its three plants for the production of HDD. The reason is simple — lack of demand. Really, have you seen the prices on the SSD? Just a few months, they really collapsed. Even in our market you can buy thumb drive 512 GB for 2500 UAH. Given that music and movies are now rolled in online, few people need a capacious HDD.
  • Rumors really is attributed to smartphone LG V40 “ideal” triple camera. I mean, it would just be a camera, video camera and shirik. Presumably, the modules will have a resolution of 20, 16 and 13 MP (in random order). To introduce the smartphone in October.
  • Smartphones Meizu Meizu 16 and 16 Plus supposedly will be assessed in 350 and $ 490. And Meizu X8, which is the first Meizu will get the unibrow and Snapdragon 710, and it will cost $ 220-290. I have only one question: what will happen with the Meizu line 15 at such prices? Apparently it is much cheaper. And that a few months after the announcement.
  • Tablets and laptops Surface, the campaign, are selling well. The latest financial report, Microsoft revealed that this direction increased their revenue by 25%. Revenue gaming areas and at all increased by 39%. Just as Mikey for the quarter was rescued by 30.1 billion dollars in net profit at 8.9 billion.
  • China campaign, decided to actively rooting for Hyperloop. First, the Chinese company Tongren Transportation & Tourism Investment Group of the People’s Republic of China (that’s really its name) concluded an agreement with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to build the first commercial line. Secondly, another Chinese company intends to work with Arrivo to build in the country an analogue of the Hyperloop, but for cars. The idea is to move vehicles and goods on special platforms through the tunnels at speeds up to 320 km/h Without vacuum, but cheaper. Actually, approximately it is engaged in The Boring Company, just Arrivo under the ground will not climb.

  • At Qualcomm continues a series of failures. The company again faces a large fine in Europe. Let me remind you, just at the beginning of the year she was already fined $ 1 billion. A new charge — Qualcomm sold products below cost to eliminate competitors. Shtaf can reach 10% of annual worldwide turnover.
  • And Apple face problems in India. There, the local regulator ordered local mobile operators to make all smartphones within six months shipped with pre-installed antyspamowy. Just in India, voice spam is a huge problem. And it should on smartphones constantly working. And it requests access to contacts, calls and SMS. Apple in normal conditions, this app is good does not give. But the alternative — possible to block all iPhones in India. Let’s see what will come up with the copertina.
  • According to new rumors, Samsung Galaxy S10 (or only some versions) will Podebrady ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Optical will not be exact, as it is not particularly fast.
  • OnePlus chose a new name for its fast-charging technology — Warp Charge. Fans of Star Trek should go.
  • Alcatel 5V — interesting new smartphone, which will pass most of you. It is a curious fact that while the screen diagonal of 6.2 inches and the battery on 4000 mA·h and it weighs 158 g. TCL learned to violate the laws of physics, not otherwise.
  • Adidas has committed to 2024 exclusively use recycled plastic. It is also held by most people, but such steps are critical to our planet.
  • World Emoji day (God, when did that happen??) Apple said the addition of 70 new smileys. Now… no, I don’t know and don’t want to know how many of them now. Someone even enjoys some, in addition to a dozen standard?
  • DxOMark, tests of which many are skeptical, evaluated OnePlus 6 to 96 points, which puts him on a par with the Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Apple iPhone X Pixel Google 2, iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note8. Although real comparisons sometimes show different results.
  • It probably will interest few of you, but Jupiter is found from 12 new satellites. Found them last year, but took time to confirm their status. Everything is tiny, and one and all “champion” — 1 km in diameter.
  • Jeff Bezos — head of Amazon and Blue Origin. And now he’s the richest man in recent history. His condition 151 billion. By the way, recently he complained that he did not know what to do with money. Indeed, the 151 billion is not particularly wasted.
  • But this picture captured Honor Note 10. A huge shovel with a screen 6.9 inch SoC Kirin 970, which should be out soon. And then there’s battery at 6000 mAh. And without monobrow! Like…
  • HTC also wants to release a gaming smartphone. Most likely, in the next year, but wants.
  • Huawei has already sold 100 million smartphones. Last year this mark the company passed in September. The company’s goal for this year is 200 million units. Not the fact that will work, but Huawei this year really stings.
  • Kirin 980 SoC, which debuted in the fall to Mate 20, allegedly received a GPU of its own design Huawei. While private GPU is only at Apple and Qualcomm, while Samsung also have several years of working on it.
  • It looks like the company’s Light more chances to reshape the market than we thought. Here I talked about the fact that the company is preparing to enter the smartphone market. And now it became known that the company received $ 121 million investment from SoftBank and Leica. Now Light is going to hit the automotive and other markets.
  • And here is allegedly Sony Xperia XZ3, which will be presented at IFA 2018. Yes, a copy of the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, only screen easier. I really don’t understand why Sony rivet flagships twice a year, and sometimes almost indistinguishable.

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