The Type Of Digest. Viber 10, Apple Watch again saved a life IGTV now in the ribbon, and unique development for diabetics

Кукишев Дмитрий

Traditionally, good all Sunday night. This digest missed a week of news. Drove.

  • We begin with a major update of Viber messenger. Version Viber 10 available for mobile devices for the first time received an updated interface. There are also a number of other innovations. For example, the ability to hide your number in public chat rooms and the relocation of group chats in the common window with the usual. Soon, the app should appear and group calls (up to 5 people).

  • And this Fitbit Versa 2. Hike, changes from the first model will be a little.

  • Recently presented smartphone Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 were sold out in just a few minutes. Just like Xiaomi. That means proper pricing.
  • Interestingly, but the survey showed that Americans think that Apple is the first to bring to market a smartphone with 5G. Naive. If you believe the rumors, Apple is only following the fall of such release.
  • AMD has deservedly built up its share of the market of processors. Moreover, in all segments. Here, you can look at the numbers.

  • “Yandex” in Ukraine is blocked, but it is still worth noting. The company begins to withdraw its own series. Yes, like Netflix. The first projects can appear in the next year.
  • Intel is preparing to release a mobile OCTA-core (!) Intel Core i9-9980HK. While the options are exactly is unclear, but the base frequency may be 2.4 GHz.
  • Remember the jokes about “do you remember, was the service — IGTV?”? So Instagram decided for all of us to avenge it, so now thumbs vidosic with IGTV will crumble in the main ribbon. With what I congratulate you.
  • Opera in the past year has removed a mobile app, Opera VPN, and now I just added a VPN in your mobile browser. Rejoice.
  • Monitored by PWM AMD supposedly can go, but most partners are not going to release. While the rumors are only about PowerColor.
  • The Raspberry Pi has opened in the UK, its first brand store. There, as in Apple’s demo showcase, and the ability to try out the computers at work and so on.

  • Radeon VII alleged issues in the extraction of Ethereum 90 MH/s. This is for reference more than double Vega RX 56/64, and indeed a record result. However, sense something? Well confirmation yet.
  • Remember image LG G8, where it looked very similar to the G7 and V30/V40. Here’s another option. I hope the right still first.

  • If suddenly to whom it is important. Performance Radeon VII FP64 is already 3,46 TFLOPS. The trick is that it only has to be 0,86 TFLOPS — that was what was stated on the website on the day of the announcement. And is now corrected. In games it is useless, but in certain special task Radeon VII with the king… or Queen. Well, you understand.
  • But this is GTA V on console Smach Z. If anyone knows, is potentially the coolest portable console. It should finally be out this year. Inside APU Ryzen Embedded V1605B, which almost completely corresponds to Ryzen 2500U, that is, games in this format is almost the best solution.

  • But so might look Motorola Razr 2019. How do you like this format? Sliders already revived, why the clamshell is not to review?

  • According to Strategy Analytics, the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the United States has become the Google Pixel! However, there is a paid report, so details and numbers no. But still entertaining.
  • I have already wrote that Apple are twofold. The company is very greedy, and that’s bad. But the company sometimes changes the world for the better — and it’s great. Here’s the Apple Watch Series 4 saved another life. 67-year-old Norwegian fell in my bathroom and smashed his head. Watch has identified fall and called an ambulance. The doctors diagnosed him with three skull fractures, so most likely, if not hours, the man would have died.

Well, at the end of the news, which is a bit not in digest format. I wanted to do it separately, but it is not quite in the format of the whole site. It is a very worthwhile material worth to talk about. Now, mit experts have developed a unique capsule, which have the potential to ease the life of patients with type II diabetes. These people must daily (and sometimes several times a day) to inject insulin. It is vital to not miss. That is, they are actually attached to their needles. To take insulin orally, in pills, is impossible, because in the stomach this form of insulin undergoes a series of processes, which makes the tablet almost useless. Although the development of such forms being a long time, scientists at MIT decided to look at the problem from the other side. They have created a capsule… which makes the injection… directly in the stomach. To make it clearer, look at first video.

I just in case will describe the text. So the capsule into the stomach and due to its shape, which was borrowed from the leopard turtles, sink to the wall of the stomach in the direction. Inside the capsule is a sugar disc, which blocks microbrain. Acid in the stomach dissolves the sugar, the spring comes out, and a tiny needle makes the injection. The stomach from the inside has no pain receptors, so it is not felt. Yes, and there’s a tiny needle. And it is not simple. It is almost 100% composed of a special form of insulin. As soon as the injection, the insulin is gradually dissolved into the blood. The process takes about an hour, but the duration can be adjusted during production, in terms of some parameters.

After dissolution of the capsule nothing holds and it may come naturally. By the way, it is made of stainless steel and a biodegradable polymer, so there is no harm. While tested on pigs and got good results. But it is unclear whether it will bring the development to commercial application and when it can happen. My question is only about how to make sure that the capsule (or more, depending on the dosage) coped with the task. After all, diabetics have to obtain a strong dose of insulin, and plus-minus at the time. And here people swallow the capsule, and how to make sure it worked and it worked completely? Would be non-invasive glucometers, there were no problems, but as long as something they are not. In General, a very interesting, high-tech and potentially cool development, but there are issues.

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