The U.S. Congress also seeks to interrogate the heads of Twitter parking the

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai

Facebook won’t be the last and that are subject to the response of the U.S. Congress, which seeks to bring managers Twitter parking the Executive Seating place Mark Zuckerberg.

Each of Twitter parking the tremendous amount of data about users, particularly the latter due to the complexity of its services and the platforms that depend on it starting from the search engine access to dependent services such as YouTube. These services all data users whether search terms or places that they go to or what follows to replace him with from the emails, this is a creamy substance to respond to.

I already asked the U.S. Congress of three companies of facebook and Google it and twitter in last November to testify in front of him, but these companies didn’t send managers and executives, but her legal team and lawyers who don’t know the exact details in the work of the police, but they have canned responses that don’t want members of Congress to hear it.

Now that enables Congress to bring the chief executive of Facebook, it seeks to apply the same thing with Google and twitter.

According to Senator Mark Warner, it raised many concerns about privacy in the hearing with the President of Facebook, these concerns are crucial to every companies. not only Facebook, even Twitter parking.

Had already called the head of the judiciary Chuck Grassley key Google and twitter but they did not meet support.

What matters Congress for not to come in the co mentioned to Washington to make public testimony in front of Congress, but come company by him in respect of the protection of users ‘ data.

Calls attorney Adam Schiff of the two companies to be two games instead of dragged to the hall of Congress, so encourage them to connect with and build a relationship to dispel privacy concerns.


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