The U.S. Congress will not allow Huawei to use Android and Google services

The decision of Donald trump on lifting sanctions against Huawei and the return of her rights to use Android and Google services may be blocked by Congress. This was announced by the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. According to him, the Congress is dissatisfied with the decision of the President and believe that Huawei is still a threat to U.S. national security. Hence, it is in any case can not open the access to the us market and especially the technology of American companies.

“We must make joint efforts to counter the threat to U.S. national security that comes from China, agrees with Rubio, MITT Romney, the Senator from Utah. – Our bill is intended to prohibit American companies to cooperate with Huawei as long as it does not prove that their cooperation is not a threat to US national security”.

Huawei and Android

The position of Congress is that Huawei was spying on U.S. government agencies in the interests of the Communist party of China. Thus the company is completely discredited, and therefore not entitled to use the achievements of American businesses. Otherwise, it will turn out that the US single-handedly supplied Huawei tools for spying. But to not out Huawei joint projects with local companies should be frozen, said in Congress.

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If the bill in question, will actually take, Huawei will be without Android and then she will have no other way but to develop its own OS. In this case, it will be fun to watch the reaction of the Chinese company, which first confirmed the existence of the platform, and after trump announced the lifting of sanctions, passed back and denied all allegations, making it clear that you never worked on smartphone OS.

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