The U.S. Department of Commerce is preparing to partially lift sanctions against Huawei

Then allowed, then banned, then allowed again. So brief is the history of relations between the U.S. government and Huawei. Like not so long ago the company has imposed new sanctions and now she may lose even processors for its technology, including network equipment, which is even more important for Huawei consumer trends. However, occasionally someone remembers that without such a major player in the international network arena will be difficult, and figuring a way to fix the situation in their favor. Sometimes it even leads to the partial withdrawal so loud the sanction imposed. Let us also loudly talk about how they can be removed.

Huawei and 5G go hand in hand.

Whether will remove the sanctions against Huawei

According to reports, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross confirmed that the government will allow companies in US to work with Huawei on the development of 5G networks. Wilbur Ross indicates that the move is designed to strengthen the U.S. position in the industry. In addition to the “protection of national security interests” relating to foreign policy. To this end, the Ministry of Commerce and other agencies signed an agreement that would allow American companies to work with Huawei on deploying networks of the fifth generation and the development of standards in this format.

Interestingly, this relief, if you can call it that, was not just as, over the past year, the company imposed sanctions, but also how just a month ago they have extended, and even forbade the company to use best practices in the production of processors that belong to the US or us companies.

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American companies such as Qualcomm, calls to allow Huawei to work for the benefit of the 5G with the end of 2019. CEO of Qualcomm at the time indicated that the standards are mandatory. And without the collaboration and cooperation of international companies and industry leaders such as Huawei, global standardization is impossible. Or the US just will not participate in setting standards.

5G confident gait across the planet.

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Can Huawei to work with Google and other

Of course, this does not change the state of Affairs for Huawei. This means that the company can continue the work on standardization of technologies, which she leads. But this does not mean that it will be able to promote your offer, for example, to license a 5G technology for American companies. That is, despite the concessions, the company will not receive the rights that she had once been.

And of course, this relaxation does not affect the fact that Huawei will have to look for new production methods and equipment for network systems and smartphones. These sanctions remain in effect. And cancel them no one is going.

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The situation is complicated by the fact that many companies were forced to make a choice, to continue to work with Huawei or to meet US, waubra option of friendship with the government. Many companies even for no reason started to build factories in the United States or receive government contracts, after it had joined the sanctions.

Why the US needs Huawei

According to the published message of the Ministry of Commerce, the United States should participate in setting standards for all the upcoming technological advancements. This, of course, includes 5G. But it also includes the preservation of “influence” US standards for Autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and “other advanced technologies”.

Without Huawei to work in the field of standardization will be difficult.

It is understood that the Commerce Department does not want any American company or partners stayed away from a major technological innovation. In the end, as you can see, it’s trying to balance on the verge between sanctions and prohibitions to work with Huawei on the one hand, and the need to include it in a major project on the other. We understand that if the United States will need more cooperation, it will also be agreed separately and Huawei will be able to join in the work.

Huawei could outperform Samsung's sales even without Google services.

The law has not yet been published and cannot yet say when it will enter into force, but, rather, it is a matter of the nearest future. It should be assumed that it will affect not only Huawei but also other companies from the banned listthat you can not have anything to do. Importantly, they had something to offer to the US government. That is, they must have some influence on the development of standards for new technologies in their industries around the world. Currently, according to persons concerned, the law is awaiting publication in the Federal register.

This building is decided whether Huawei to work in the United States.

Do I need Huawei the lifting of sanctions

We can say that Huawei is not needed, and time was so mean to her, you can just slam the door and go away, refusing to share their experience, but first, they still all have and, secondly, participation in this project, we need Huawei. The only way it can maintain its influence in the industry. If we for the sake of her invitations rescinding such high-profile sanctions, something they are so worth it.

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And Huawei need it due to the fact that this elementary you can earn. This project is a lot of money and nobody will do for free. Given that the work is not reduced to one router (figuratively speaking), we can assume that there is the amount will be huge.

And so the company will be able to keep their relationship with the partners of American companies. Ever sanctions can take and work with them have. So why not get your little Chinese harpoon?

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