The U.S. government has imposed on companies manufacturing equipment for 5G networks outside of China

Nokia 5G

When it comes to production, many companies around the world turn to China, not U.S. companies only. The reason for this is that China known for producing inexpensive, this is the reason for many companies to contract with local businesses to oversee the functions of the production of their products to help increase profit margins and reduce costs. However, you can think about the United States of America to change that when it comes to knowing the 5G.

According to a new report released recently from the Wall Street Journal of America, it has been said that the U.S. government is considering the idea of making the production equipment to 5G outside of China is necessary. It seems that this represents an escalation in the trade war between the two countries, where the government has not only American Prohibition of the use of the equipment of Huawei, but also the inclusion of the Chinese company in its blacklist, which prevents American companies from dealing with them.

In case if the application of this resolution, it means that the companies that will supply the companies of American communications equipment and networks, 5G should manufacture this equipment outside of China. This is a difficult task because they will do the companies create new sources outside of China, which is not only expensive, but it may take some time also.

According to Michael Wessel, a member of the review committee security and economics between the United States and China, it has stated by saying : ” while the concentrated interests of national security the basic on Chinese companies, the equipment produced by any company operating in China to know at a greater risk of exploitation because of the ease of access to staff and facilities “.

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