The U.S. government is pushing for South Korea to talk about products Huawei

Huawei Company

I do not have the United States government any plans to stop its campaign mounting against the company Huawei to get what you want from China in the trade war ongoing between them. Reported the Reuters news agency that responsible in the Ministry of your comfortable American said in a meeting with his counterparts from South Korea that it should not be on company calls South Korean +LG U work in sensitive areas, because the latter used equipment Huawei.

He said an official statement issued by the the phone company South Korean that there were no formal requests from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Korean or American. However, Washington is pushing its allies to distance Huawei from the construction of networks of their own, have reached this pressure to climax when they block US President Donald Trump companies such as Qualcomm, Google, from dealing with Huawei.

May be South Korea’s ally the United States, but China remains the largest market in Asia to their products. Got the Reuters news agency on government data from the South Korean capital Seoul says that a quarter of Korean exports of the south was almost destined to China. South Korean Foreign Ministry simply said they are familiar with the American Party on the protection of and securing equipment to 5G.


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