The U.S. government launches a tool that allows reporting on the status of surveillance and turn off the accounts of networking

الحكومة الأمريكية تطلق أداة تسمح بالإبلاغ عن حالات المراقبة وإيقاف الحسابات من شبكات التواصل

President Obama to Donald Trump’s way different from his predecessors in regard to many things, but most importantly the technical side of communications, after the controversial decisions in the Prevention of the technology of work in the United States and raise taxes on technical equipment imported, and criticism of public networks to communicate continuously, now came to a new instrument that allows citizens to report on networks in the case of committing any thing against them.

The tool aims to urge citizens to report cases of surveillance on account of their on or off on the networks of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram where they and Twitter; the sense that if any user is similar to the networks without having clear reasons. it can reporting about it on this website for his case and solve it.

And faced media criticism since the period because of the different themes, particularly in relation to violations of user privacy and data, which make the CCJ demanding to stand against these networks to prevent them from exploiting users ‘ data, and of course it was the US President, Trump a lot, too, to come this tool as a means to address the crisis.

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