The U.S. government will lose tariff on the components of the Mac Pro 2019 made in China

Mac Pro 2019

The Apple, like many other US corporations to go to China to manufacture their products. Resulted in trade dispute ongoing between China and the United States of America complications with these companies because the products they manufacture and then imported to the United States of America now face tariffs imposed by the U.S. government on products imported from China. The US President Donald Trump that he won’t be granting Apple an exemption from customs duties on the components of the Mac Pro 2019 made in China.

According to Donald Trump, wrote in a tweet on the Twitter network : ” it will not be granted Apple any waiver or exemption to pay customs duties to the components of the Mac Pro 2019 made in China. The telecommunication industry in the United States of America, without customs fees! “.

I asked the Apple from the Office of the US Trade Representative earlier this month to waive the tariff, amounting to 25 percent to 15 components, including some components of the Mac Pro 2019. In a discussion with reporters later, the president said he believes that Apple will build a factory in Texas that was announced by saying : ” I think they knew they were going to build a factory in Texas, “ he added : ” If they do, you’ll feel happy “.

It was reported in June of this year that Apple will transfer the manufacturing process Mac Pro 2019 from Texas to China. And yet, I didn’t know the company after the issue of the tariff or plans to establish a new factory in Texas.

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