The U.S. Supreme court has allowed users to sue Apple because of the monopoly of the App Store

Ordinary members have the right to sue Apple in the case of a monopoly App Store. So this week I decided, the U.S. Supreme court, which allowed the courts to consider claims with relevant content. Previously, this capability was available exclusively to partner companies of Apple, which placed in the directory of your application. The court believed that only they, but not the users themselves, can be considered to be affected by the establishment of monopolies.

According to the judges of the Supreme court of the United States Brett kavanaugh, in the course of the proceedings the court came to the conclusion that the lack of competition may harm not only the companies but also the consumers and, therefore, they can act as parties to the proceedings. The monopoly effectively deprives ordinary citizens the right of choice, forcing them to turn to one supplier for their goods. As a consequence, this leads to a deterioration of the climate in the market, and also undermines the foundations of a market economy.

Despite the fact that the Supreme court has not recognized App Store monopoly, the decision could seriously affect the future of directory. If users EN masse to accuse Apple of violating their rights to use third-party app stores, there is every reason to believe that the courts will rule in their favor. This will mean that Apple will have no choice but to allow users to access the platforms, competing App Store.

The official position of Apple is that the App Store has never violated rights of other market players. According to lawyers representing the interests of the company, in Cupertino intend to prove that seized the industry and has always acted within the law. “We are confident that truth is on our side when we provide the evidence that App Store is not a monopoly,” — said Apple representatives.

Personally, I quite accept the outcome where Apple will be obliged to recognize the users of their right to download software not from the App Store. This is indirectly evidenced by the recent case against Google, which was found guilty in the imposition on the manufacturers of its applications and services, and subsequently ordered to remove from Android all that, in fact, and shape the user experience from the operating system. Now Google sells AT retail.

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