The UAE has become a world leader in the education of the future

Opened a state of the Emirates in last week’s first lab for training of institutional leaders and administrators using the technology of virtual reality (Multiplayer Virtual Reality Leadership Lab), which is the first of its kind in the region and second in the world after the opening of the laboratory is similar in China recently.

The centre, which opened training company leading Biz Group in the city of Dubai for production, between the application of virtual reality technology and content interactive and unique designed, drawing on behavioral psychology developed, what you fundamentally change the way leadership training and administrators on new skills to help them succeed in the future.

This represents a paradigm shift in the efforts of building business leaders and training in the region from Dubai, and the UAE to prepare future leaders for the future and processes the business world of constant change, the development of a competitive economy of knowledge.

The centre comprises a number of units of virtual reality that can be used by a team or group at the same time, and with the latest technology from the company (HTC VIVE), a leading provider in the field of virtual reality, and developed by the company (Jenson8), a global company specializing in the creation of educational content virtual reality.

The launch of the centre after the emergence of a growing trend in the adoption of virtual reality for training purposes with transmission of the next business boundaries available today to a new future have been unthinkable previously.

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That has already been acknowledged companies like Walmart and BMW and Verizon and a large number of companies ranked among the Fortune 500 list, and virtual reality to develop the skills of its members behavioral.

According to statistics issued by the World Economic Forum, will need at least 54 percent of the total staff to enhance and improve their skills significantly by the year 2022.

According to the report “the future of jobs in the Middle East” issued in 2018, in order to take advantage of the transformative potential which is characterized by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will ask the business leaders in sectors and regions all increasingly, to develop a comprehensive strategy for the workforce in order to meet the requirements of the new era and accelerate the process of change and innovation.

According to the report, also, include the skills that will maintain the rhythm of growth of the banner by 2022, analytical thinking, innovation, in addition to continuous learning and learning strategies.

Will retain the important of human-style creativity, innovation and initiative, critical thinking, persuasion, negotiation, leadership, as well as attention to detail and the ability to adapt and be flexible and solve complex problems, increases the demand on emotional intelligence and leadership and social influence management of the public service.

The training center business leaders actually virtual multi-participants serve as the only facility in the Middle East that provides the participation of more than a single hand, can use the Centre for training programmes for collaborative leadership or as a learning center.

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