The unique feature of camera Galaxy Note 10

Another report conflicting about Galaxy Note 10 this report comes from the source was always honest on several occasions in the past, assures that the camera Galaxy Note 10 would be a unique feature too, it also clarifies the impression that there will be no microSD card slot in the Galaxy Note 10, is included some additional details about the S Pen the device also, where Samsung offers some new features to, has been reported for the first time in several weeks that the camera Galaxy Note 10 may contain a slot variable of the three stages.

Unique features camera Galaxy Note 10

ميزة فريدة تميز كاميرا Galaxy Note 10 وفتحة لبطاقة microSDThe unique feature of tend camera Galaxy Note 10 and microSD card slot

Samsung introduced a camera system aperture dual with Galaxy S9 last year, can be transmitted between f / 1.5 larger aperture f / 2.4 narrower, and it is rumored that Galaxy Note 10 will seek to add the f / 1.8 too, that’s what this report, it is said that the rear camera of the tripartite for Galaxy Note 10 contains a sensor, a basic 12-megapixel with aperture of variable three stages, it will allow the camera to switch between f / 1.5 and f / 1.8 and f / 2.4 depending on the situation, will prove aperture f / 1.8 as effectively to the argument when the scene is too bright or too dark, allowing more flexibility and achieve better results.

Buy the setting on the camera wide-angle 16 megapixels and the lens of the liver 12-megapixel camera with optical zoom 2x, it seems that there will be a motion mode the camera also, Camera 10MP will be there in advance, there is hope yet in microSD card slot claimed multiple reports that the device Note 10 the size of 6.3 inches will not contain a microSD card slot, and it will be reserved for the Galaxy Note 10+ the most part, does not contradict this report with only that, but also argue that the device will contain two slots for card nano-SIM, the You’ll be able to run two SIM cards at the same time with the presence of microSD card slot in its place.

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