The United Kingdom allows purchase of Huawei Access ” Limited ” for 5G non-core


In a simple shift in events, the Security Council decided, a British national known acronym in the name of the NHC awarded Huawei the right to assistance in the creation of the structure of the 5G infrastructure for ” non-core “. This decision comes at a time prevented in several countries around the world Huawei from providing equipment for 5G networks. According to the Daily Telegraph, the British Prime Minister Theresa May, the current chairman of the National Security Council, British made her decision despite warnings expressed by many of the senior ministers as well as warnings from the United States of America.

Will the move to buy the Huawei to provide the UK with a fifth generation and equipment communications other, but not more than that. Police are still deprived of access to infrastructure where it is stored credentials of the user sensitive.

To change, the Council of the CIA, the British in last month’s report questioned strongly in the bill of equipment 5G, a subsidiary of Huawei. Furthermore, it was pointed out in the report in the end to that the technology of Huawei come from a range of security vulnerabilities which expose users data at risk.

I didn’t believe Huawei official statement yet, but she recently confirmed in its financial report for the first quarter of this year they got 40 new contract related to a network 5 with a large number of telecommunications companies around the world. Grew sector telecommunications company Huawei by 15% compared with the same period last year, the company expects to ship more than 100 thousand station 5G by the end of next May. He welcomed the representatives of the company for the substantive foreign governments insist they are committed to working with all regulatory bodies to meet the standards of safety respective.

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