The United Kingdom and the United States warned that Russia hacked into the routers at the global level

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If there was ever a time to enhance the security of your computer at home, you will be now. This is due to that in the case if recent reports are true, it appears that the Russian government was doing hacking into routers ” soul perspectives ” in homes all over the world. This is in accordance with the Declaration shared by all of the intelligence agencies of American and British.

According to British intelligence and the National Security Council, and the FBI, have they accused the Russian Government of trying to hack the routers over the past few months in an attempt to infiltrate the infrastructure of the internet. It has also been a suggestion that the devices of the inventor may not only allow hackers access to user information, but can also be used as a basis for attack in the future.

Warned the report so far that the main targets include internet service providers, government departments, international, local government, large companies, as well as companies involved in the management of the ” infrastructure of life “. There is no information about the number of devices that may be already been a breakthrough or companies that may have already been affected.

In a statement made by a spokesman for the Russian Embassy in London, ” we believe these accusations and speculation are great examples to the context of reckless and provocative unfounded against Russia. We are disappointed by the fact that such serious allegations had been advertised, without providing any proof and without any attempt by the UK to clarify the situation with the Russian side in the first place. “ He added : ” Russia is not planning to do any online attacks against the UK. We expect the British government to announce the same thing. “


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