The United States accuses China of violating trade agreement cyber

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Accused the United States of America China of violating the convention on cyber espionage signed between the two countries three years ago, where he said a senior official in U.S. intelligence that China violated an agreement with the United States aimed at stopping the trade online through hacking government data and corporate data, when asked at the conference Cyber I which is regulated by the Aspen Institute the Aspen whether China has violated the agreement in 2015 between President Barack Obama Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping Xi Jinping, the official said the National Security Agency NSA Rob Joyce Rob Joyce: “We believe that they are doing so”.

Added Ruby Joyce senior adviser to the strategy of cyber security in the National Security Agency that the quality and the number of attacks has decreased “significantly” since the agreement, said: “it is clear that China today exceeds the limits of the agreement reached between our two countries and the commitment of the Beijing deal has Eat”, and his comments, the latest sign and confirmation to thwart Washington’s growing about the violation of China of the alleged convention.

He said Jeff will launch Jeff Sessions, and U.S. attorney resigned last week, said that China did not adhere to the agreement, which is agreed by the United States and China not to spy cyber to steal intellectual property, or other forms of intelligence economic.

China denied the frequent claims of America about to penetrate corporate America, where the refuse is Zhu Hai Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry claims the United States saying in a press conference: “the accusations of America, to lack factual basis. China opposes it strongly,” she added that China and the United States have important common interests in cyber space.

The spokeswoman said: “We urge the US side to stop his criticisms of China that have no basis, meet China in the middle of the road to maintain the momentum of the joint between the two countries for cooperation and communication in the field of cyber security,” was former US President Barak Obama has announced in the month of September 2015 it had reached a “common understanding” with Chinese President on the reduction of cyber espionage.

Threatened Obama to impose U.S. sanctions on the hackers to the Chinese who insist on committing cyber crimes, the leader said then they agreed that the government in both countries will not support the operations of the electronic speed secrets of the company or business information, but this convention did not include any promise to refrain from cyber espionage to the traditional mutual between the two governments, Chinese and American for intelligence purposes.

This includes the massive hack and the office staff of the federal government in the United States this year, which affected the data of more than 20 million people, officials have indicated the United States to get China behind the process of penetrating the office staff of the federal government, but they did not say whether they think that the Chinese government is responsible.

Concluded many of the companies cyber security in the private sector that Beijing violated this page since the president took Donald Trump’s office for nearly two years, as the business has grown hostile trade between the two countries during that period.

The United States and China Dialogue security at a high level in the latest sign of improvement in the strained relations between the two countries amid the dispute commercial ongoing, before the scheduled meeting between the US president and Chinese president at the group of twenty summit in Argentina at the end of the month of November.

The gate Arab News Technical the United States accuses China of violating the convention on cyber espionage

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