The United States attacks hacking the control systems of rocket

Revealed to the Washington Post that US President Donald Trump is given the green light to launch the onslaught of hacking the control systems of rockets of Iran led to be adjusted, as targeted spy group thought to be linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

I got the attack on the night of 20 June did not accurately reveals the extent of the damage caused, but it led to crashes Iran could not easily repaired, as the interests of the press and confirmed by other sources such as the New York Times and The Associated Press.

For its part, won’t know official sources of America on this case, as has not yet released the reaction of the Iranian around. It is noted that the timing of the attack the same day that the decline in the President Trump about to strike targets in Iran.

Sources indicate that the group of Iranian targeted links with recent attacks on commercial vessels and oil tankers in the region. And preparing for this attack for weeks, was a response to the targeting of ships.

Digital war don’t tell affair of the day for a military confrontation where the scroll theatre systems to computer networks. Had reports have surfaced recently stating that the United States planted malicious software in the networks of Russian energy, and U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton about the expansion of electronic warfare.

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