The United States continues its leadership in supercomputers

Retained the United States of America its leading position as the fastest computers supercomputers in the world, with the prospect of China ranked second after non-submission of any of the new devices in recent months.

And Summit and Sierra, two two computers two made by IBM and installed in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Department of energy in the state of Tennessee Laboratory Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, higher centers in the United States.

Derived both their power of computational units of the CPU Power of 9 units GPUs NVIDIA V100, and was able to Summit to improve its results six months ago slightly, setting a record of $ 148.6 beep, while under the regime of the Sierra unchanged at 94.6 beep

Followed by Sunway TaihuLight and Tianhe-2A China were installed in the National Centre for the way high-tech enterprises in Wuxi, the National Centre for computer superior in Guangzhou.

Includes Sunway TaihuLight – developed by the National Research Center in China engineering and computer technology parallel (NRCPC) – second place with 93.0 beep, while running the Tianhe-2A – developed by China University of national defense technology (NUDT) – ranked fourth with 61.4 beep.

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According to point 53 of the Top500 list, the computer Frontera at the Texas Center for Advanced Computing at the University of Texas is a giant computer only new in the top ten, where it ranked fifth by offering 23.5 beep, based on the Intel Xeon Platinum 8280.

In the computer pizza diner Piz Daint – installed in the centre of the Swiss National Computing Super (CSCS) in Lugano – seventh place by about 21.2 with, and includes the most powerful computer giant in Europe Intel Xeon processors units GPUs NVIDIA P100.

Came computer Trinity – installed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Sandia National Laboratories – in the sixth place with 20.2 beep, followed by the computer (ABCI), the Japanese – installed at the National Institute of Science and technology of advanced industrial (AIST) – in second place with a 19.9 beep.

The computer SuperMUC-NG – installed in the center of the Leibniz computing high-tech in racing near Munich – has ranked ninth with 19.5 beep, while the calculator Lassen – installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – the tenth place with a 18.2 with.

Became Lenovo’s first supplier of computer giant in terms of number of systems number of capital, and achieved its organs more than 302 beep, followed by IBM with a number 207 beep, while the company came Cray in second place with 183.4 with, and HPE in fourth place with a 120.1 beep.

Got China on most systems rated in the Top500 list of any country, where the number of systems 219 a system, while the number of systems the United States 116 system.

And the ability to produce computers, Super-evolution as an important measure of the technical group of any state, where it is widely used to perform tasks ranging from weather forecasting and modelling of ocean currents and power technology simulate nuclear explosions.

And still China and the United States dominate the list of the fastest computers giant in the world, where they possess a rate of 43.8 percent and 23.2 percent of the best system in the world, while Japan ranks second in computing systems, where it holds a stake of 5.8 percent.


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