The United States does not see any difference between the Huawei and Beijing

Said Robert Strayer Robert Strayer, a senior U.S. officials charge of cybersecurity, during his speech at a press conference in London: if Washington does not see a difference between the company’s Chinese technology giant Huawei and the Chinese government.

In urging Ajit Pai Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission of the countries to adopt a framework of security based on risk to examine the sellers and in the basic stages of deployment of the network of the fifth generation (5G).

He said Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of external communications, cyber and international: there is no real difference between the police and the government in China, and this raises very serious concerns for us.

And these statements serve as the latest attempt by the administration of US President Donald Trump to select the leaders of the world from adopting the technology (5G) of Huawei, the second-largest maker of smartphones in the world, in their infrastructure.

He said Strayer: transparency is essential in the assessment of the security vendors (5G), unlike the proportion of one percent of the company Huawei is owned by its founder Ren Zhengfei Ren Zhengfei, the proportion of 99 percent of the company owned by the trade union committee, which is already the government itself.

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He warned senior US official that my company, Huawei (and ZTE) are two of the possible impact of the Chinese government, and may be required to comply with the orders of intelligence and security services in the country.

He also accused Huawei of being used to suppress freedom of the internet, explaining that the company was complicit in the surveillance that have been published in Xinjiang against the population of Uighur Muslims, as well as the sale of international technology for surveillance purposes.

He said Strayer: it was a staff of Huawei complicit in the export of surveillance to other countries around the world, and with that kind of intention to deprive people of their basic human rights, as well as the history of intellectual property theft, it is clear that China used to any capacity it has to promote its objectives in this area.

In explained Paul too Paul Triolo, head of practice geotechnical in Eurasia Group: there is no conclusive evidence that the Chinese government owns parts of Huawei, there are lots of documents about how to manage the company, which indicate it is trading as a commercial company, without evidence of government interference in its operations.

Reiterated Robert Strayer are Bay principles of cyber security approved by the more than 30 states in the month of April in Prague, said: the Huawei has failed to meet those standards, we must re-evaluate how to share information with countries that include vendors not trusted in their networks.

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