The United States government consider the possibility of buying a stake in Nokia or Ericsson of impeding the campaign for Huawei to dominate

Nokia 5G

Because the U.S. government does not want to have any relationship with Huawei, including avoiding use of equipment and technology fifth generation 5G own, this means they will need to look for other companies to fill that void. In fact, according to US Attorney William Barr, has introduced the idea that the U.S. government should invest in other companies for the race to 5G.

This includes the likes of both Nokia and Ericsson, both of which are also on the 5G technology. According to Mr. William Barr, has stated by saying : ” We must take a decision on the horse that we’ll see him in this race. Who is the supplier or suppliers of equipment 5G, which will have to compete against Huawei in all over the world to win contracts from the telecommunications companies and impeding the campaign for Huawei to dominate “.

He also noted that both Nokia and Ericsson do not have them currently, the weight of the Huawei or support of ” a strong state with a big market ” like China, which has led to the suggestion that the U.S. government stake in these companies.

Added Mr William Barr : ” there have been some proposals by which to face these fears, including the United States deals with Nokia or Ericsson from by having the US government the controlling shareholder either directly or through Group companies, American companies, especially affiliated with it. “ Of course, it remains to be seen whether that will happen or not.


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