The United States government expresses its concern about the possibility of the use of Libra in terrorism and other criminal activities


In the month of last June, the company announced Facebook for your own digital currency which bore the name of Libra. When the announcement was made this digital currency, we crossed the United States government immediately raised concerns about this technology. Now it seems that some of these concerns may be linked to terrorism, at least this is the perspective which has the U.S. Treasury Department.

In a recent press conference, stated the minister of Treasury, Mr. Steven Mnuchin said : ” With due respect for the Digital Facebook Libra and other developments in the sector of digital currency, our primary goal is to maintain the integrity of our financial system and protect it from abuse “. Was Steven Mnuchin concerned about the possibility of using digital currency Libra for terrorism, where it is because of the fact that digital currencies remain encrypted, they look ripe for illegal.

In addition to terrorism, ‘ said Mr Steven Mnuchin also it can use the digital currency Libra in other illicit activities such as tax evasion, extortion and attacks the ransom of electronic human trafficking and other criminal activities other. However, the Steven Mnuchin do not fall the idea of digital currency, and added that the United States ” welcomes the innovation charge, including new technologies that may improve the efficiency of the financial system and expand access to financial services “.

We still have to wait to see if Facebook plans to deal with these types of problems with Libra or not, but the company acknowledged earlier that it will launch digital currency Libra until IS solve all organizational problems.

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