The United States is an indictment against the WikiLeaks founder

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Is the US Justice Department ‘s indictment against Julian Assange Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks WikiLeaks, according to the document US federal court showed that the prosecution’s us got the indictment secret against the founder of the WikiLeaks website that published thousands of secret documents to the U.S. government, including diplomatic cables secret documents of the US government other secret, and the document that prosecutors say she made a mistake, and the judge to maintain the confidentiality of the documents in a criminal case not related to the founder of WikiLeaks, And document the signs that indicate that it has been presented originally in the District Court of the U.S. in Alexandria, Virginia in the month of August.

Explained a source familiar with the matter that the document was confidential at first but was canceled secret about this week for reasons that are not clear at the moment, said the WikiLeaks site across its accounts on the social networking platforms it’s “obvious error in the process of cutting and pasting, but it reveals the existence of charge confidential or draft them against the WikiLeaks founder”, and did not have U.S. officials made any comment about the disclosure document and guidance of the U.S. Department of Justice indictment secret to Julian Assange, and accused the information is not clear.

This document is part of the criminal case to do with a man 29-year-old is accused of enticing the girl 15-year-old, the judge wrote, in a note of protest on this case that the defendant, Seitu Sulayman Kokayi, he had concerns of a large terrorist acts, said Joshua will Joshua Stueve, spokesman for the Office of the attorney general who introduced the document which was the abolition of speed: “the submission of notifications of judicial error. This is not the name intended for this deposit”.

Reported the newspaper The Wall Street Journal that the United States was preparing to prosecute Julian Assange, the site of the WikiLeaks investigation by Robert Mueller Robert Mueller, legal adviser etc., to deploy tens of thousands of emails were stolen from the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential 2016, concluded the American intelligence agencies that the emails had been obtained by hackers backed by the Russian government as part of a process aimed at helping the campaign of Donald Trump.

Analysts said the legal it’s likely to be the reason for this error is to measure the plaintiffs make a copy and paste of classified documents challenge the accusations against Julian Assange, where it is known that prosecutors are copying the text from the court files prior to offer similar arguments in new cases, it is usually the change of names and other relevant details accordingly.

The pursuit of prosecutors to maintain the confidentiality of the charges until the arrest of Julian Assange, according to the indicated document, stating that such action is necessary to ensure that no evasion or avoiding arrest and extradition, and adds document to any action regarding the cancellation of confidentiality will not protect adequately the needs of the application of the law at this time, because there is no further action needed to keep secret the fact that Julian Assange has been accused of because of the sophisticated culture of the defendant, and the publicity surrounding the case.

Adds the document: “the complaint and the necessary support for the certificate and the arrest warrant, in addition to this demand it is proposed, should remain confidential until the arrest of Assange in relation to allegations in the criminal complaint, so he can’t evade or avoid arrest or extradition in respect of this case”, and U.S. officials have acknowledged in the past that the federal prosecutors in Alexandria say they are conducting a criminal investigation at length in relation to the location of WikiLeaks and its founder.

He has called representatives of the American administration of President Donald Trump, including Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, publicly to prosecute Julian Assange, while Assange and his supporters to declare that the American authorities had prepared criminal charges Secret against him, which is a confirmation has been rejected by some American officials, until recently, resorted Assange six years ago to the embassy of Ecuador in the British capital London, where it was treated initially as a guest welcome, but after changes in the government, began the Ecuadorian authorities in the month of March last to take strict action against him.

The gate Arab News Technical the United States is an indictment against the WikiLeaks founder

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