The United States of America achieved in the manipulation of the prices of the digital currency


It was bitcoin and the other digital on an exciting journey over the past few months with significant fluctuations in prices, which made some people get a lot of money, but it cost too many people their money. See U.S. Department of Justice Committee on trade contracts that there is something not quite right and this is the reason that pushed her to start an investigation on the manipulation of likely prices in the market of digital currencies.

Reported site Bloomberg that the U.S. Department of Justice and commission trade contracts begun in the investigation of fraud and manipulation in the markets for digital currencies. There are many methods of market manipulation used to influence the asset prices, namely the methods that are illegal in the traditional financial markets.

One of these ways involve putting false requests on the exchanges and then pulled in an attempt to manipulate prices. The idea is to lure others to buy and sell. There is another way involving trading several parties in between them to give the illusion of increased activity in the market.

Trading Commission Commodity Futures U.S. are watching the activity of the digital currency. It is estimated that the ongoing investigation by the regulatory bodies in the United States of America is still in the early stages, and it focuses on digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether. It will aim a lot of people know the final result that will be reached by this investigation because there are many people who believe that he is actually going to price manipulation in the currency markets digital.


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