The United States of America may agree to lift the ban on the company ZTE

ZTE Company

The US Commerce Department announced a ban on the ZTE Corporation of China a week ago, prompting this company to stop its activities and core business. Among other products, the company ZTE manufacture smartphones supported by Android balls the latest from Qualcomm. Was to prevent the company from getting the components from U.S. companies for seven years, which means he can no longer get the processors from Qualcomm, they are also threatened by loss of license Android own also. Conducted officials of both countries discussed the recent try to find a solution to buy the ZTE, it seems that opportunities will come soon.

ZTE Corporation today announced recently that they stopped their principal business activities after the ban imposed by the US Department of Commerce and they will continue to try to relieve the ban.

He said US President Donald Trump in recent times, he works with his Chinese counterpart in order to re ZTE Corporation to track. Despite the fact that legislators in the United States of America rejected his plan, it seems that the administration is moving forward in reaching an agreement to lift the ban on ZTE.

Citing two people in this case, according to news agency Reuters that Washington will lift the ban on ZTE as the Chinese will work for tariff reductions on cars imported from the United States. May lead this page also to remove tariffs on American agricultural products imported and the purchase of more agricultural commodities, American.

It seems that the two-state stepping back gradually from the edge of a trade war comprehensive in the past few weeks, so it is likely that the parties will make some concessions in this process. There wasn’t any official announcement about the deal by the administration so far.


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