The United States of America reveal a list of 13 accusation against Huawei

In the official press conference revealed the U.S. Department of justice it was directed formal charges against the Chinese company Huawei is one of the largest companies of the technology industry and the telecommunications in the world.

The list of charges include 13 an accusation of its sanctions imposed on Iran and steal the secrets of the technology business of the company T-Mobile Communications where the technology stolen prop are developed to test smart phones.

Also included a list of accusations such issues as money laundering, obstruction of justice and evasion of justice and failure to comply with US law and other issues that will America prove to show the Allies how dangerous dealing with Huawei.

Huawei did not comment on the subject until now, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced in an official statement also expressed serious concerns after a list of accusations on Huawei urged China to stop repression is not immune to Chinese companies confirmed at the same time it will allow every package to protect the legitimate interests of Chinese companies.


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