The United States reach agreement to raise the ban on ZTE, but the terms of the

ZTE Company

Recently released a new report from the Newswire Reuters says that the company ZTE and the U.S. government have reached an agreement to lift the ban on ZTE Corporation in the United States, according to assistant prominent in Congress. This runs counter to the proposal with Congress that thinks a majority that it should not be on the management of Donald Trump to be exposed to the pressure to relieve the company ZTE, because of their breach of the sanctions imposed on North Korea and Iran.

The ban would prevent the company ZTE from doing business with American companies will ban all sales within the United States for seven years. And negotiated by U.S. President Donald Trump on the fined company ZTE is estimated at $ 1.3 million with Chinese President via phone call, according to the website Fox News. In addition, the United States will install officers compliance Americans within the ZTE Corporation to ensure the survival of things as they should be. Finally, the ZTE change management team.

According to the speaker the official name of the White House, he has stated by saying : ” this is a legal procedure that is handled in the trade sector. We make sure that ZTE Corporation accountable for violating US sanctions, pay a high price because of it, and that we protect our own infrastructure security, our jobs in the United States. “

According to previous reports, it was stated that ZTE Corporation has incurred losses totaling $ 3.1 billion since the entry into force of the ban on April 15. With this news, a shares experienced supplier companies of America, which deal with the ZTE Corporation of significant growth, has seen shares of the company Acacia is specialized in manufacturing equipment of optical networks grew by 4.4%, whilst the shares of Oclaro specialized in the manufacture of optical components will grow by 2.7%.


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