The United States refrain from signing the convention on cyber security global

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Abstained in the United States of America, along with Russia, China, Iran, Australia, and North Korea, about the tension on the convention on Cyber Security Global announced by the president of France Emmanuel Macron during a speech at the Internet Governance Forum annual UNESCO in the middle of the Paris Peace, in spite of the consent of the 51 other states, including all members of the European Union, where they signed the convention of more than 51 countries and 224 companies and 92 non-profit organization and university and advocacy groups.

Is considered appeal of Paris for confidence and security in the cyber space a more coordinated effort so far to make the states agree to a set of international rules for cyberspace or the so-called Geneva Convention digital, where the French president announced Emmanuel Macron on the initiative named “the call of Paris to confidence and security in cyberspace“, a new initiative aimed at developing international standards for the internet, including digital health, coordination and to detect technical weaknesses.

This initiative is another step in the international efforts to develop standards, laws and cyber security in peace and war, where the document, signed by US technology companies large, including Microsoft, Facebook and Google IBM IBM HP HP, nine goals such as assistance in ensuring the non-interference of foreign actors in the elections and to prevent private companies from the hack or revenge crimes of the internet.

As is the case in most of the international issues concerning the organization of the internet, things tend to divide between the system of Western liberal countries such as Russia and China, where possesses some abstaining from signing such as China, Iran and active initiatives of cyber warfare.

The appeal of Paris into legal force, as it does not require governments or companies adhere to the legally to any specific principles, but it illustrates the situation of the diplomatic imperative of cooperation in the field of cyber security, where it is difficult to apply the laws of any one country.

The signing of the technology companies on the convention guide on how to measure those companies taking a more active role in the management of the internet, the Microsoft explained that they worked closely with the French government for the drafting of appeal of Paris, said Brad Smith Brad Smith, president of Microsoft: “it’s a chance for people to come together around a few basic principles such as the protection of innocent civilians and the protection of elections and the protection of access to the internet”.

Defended Brad Smith for such an agreement since 2017, and after that he saw the executive director of the damage to the private sector due to the emergence of attack NotPetya, which later proved that the implementation of the hackers are Russian-backed state to harm Ukraine, while representing a rejection of Washington and Moscow, Beijing and the signing of the convention a serious blow to the initiative, despite the fact that the convention does not include any penalties on those who have fallen.

It is suggested Paris call for confidence and security in the cyber space measures and next steps:

  • Activities Prevention of cyber bad that threaten or cause significant harm or randomly or regulation of individuals and critical infrastructure.
  • Prevent the activity that causes deliberately and fundamentally damaging the general availability or general nuclear architecture.
  • Enhance the ability to prevent interference malignant by foreign entities aimed at undermining the electoral processes through the internet activities.
  • Prevent the theft of intellectual property in the field of information and communications technology, including trade secrets or other confidential information with the intention of providing competitive advantages for companies.
  • Develop ways to prevent the spread of information and Communication Technology harmful practices aimed at causing harm.
  • Enhance the security of digital processes and products life cycle and supply chain.
  • Support efforts to strengthen health cyber developed for all actors.
  • Take steps to prevent actors, including the private sector, from the use of piracy for their own purposes.
  • Promoting the spread and application of responsible international behaviour on a large scale, as well as confidence-building measures in cyber space.

The gate Arab News Technical the United States to refrain from signing the convention on cyber security global

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