The United States threatens the United Kingdom because of Huawei

Notify the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, to inform the British government that the United States may limit the exchange of intelligence information with the United Kingdom if allowed to buy Huawei building part of the network of the fifth generation 5G mobile phone high speed, as reported the Financial Times The Financial Times.

Is scheduled to begin Trump official visit for three days to the United Kingdom next week, according to officials, the Americans and the British, decided to Trump raising the issue relating to Huawei after the failure of his aides repeatedly to persuade the UK Government to restrict the participation of the Chinese company.

She said Financial Times, citing a person involved in planning the trip: the President Donald Trump to repeat the message that China’s involvement in 5G networks could pose significant challenges for the intelligence of the American British in an attempt to increase pressure on its allies to ban the Chinese company.

Reports issued in the last month that the British government would allow the company Huawei to build parts of the network by the wireless 5G, making them bear the demands of the United States to impose a comprehensive ban on the participation of the giant Chinese technology in the infrastructure to the latest digital technology.

It is supposed to provide 5G internet speeds much greater than existing, with a reduced time delay, as it has tremendous potential to change the way you interact people with new technologies.

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It was said that British National Security Council has agreed to allow Huawei to provide non-core technology, such as antennas, networks of the fifth generation for the operators of mobile phone networks in the country.

Despite that, the United Kingdom would not allow the Chinese company to provide what is called basic technology that includes software and other equipment that connect connections the internet basic.

According to Reuters, it said the national security adviser in the White House John Bolton John Bolton: maybe I didn’t give the UK a final decision on the Huawei after.

The U.S. Vice President, Mike while Mike Pence: the United States has been clear with its allies about Huawei, and consider them to be non-compliant with the security interests of the United States of America or the allies in the states to all over the world.

Continued to Huawei tremendous pressure from the management of the Trump, where the United States claimed that the company’s equipment can be used for by the Chinese government.

US Department of Commerce said earlier this month: it will be added to Huawei and its affiliates to the list of business prohibited to US companies to sell or transfer technology to the Chinese company without a license issued by the government.

And need Huawei also criminal charges from the Justice Department after being accused of stealing trade secrets and breach of U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Implemented Company Chinese technology giant claims that it posed a security risk and, at the same time, a lawsuit against the United States because the law prohibits U.S. government agencies buying equipment.

He urged the United States allies have repeatedly excluded Huawei from the networks of the fifth generation, which led to the banning of major countries, such as Japan and Australia, the use of police equipment.


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