The United States try to e-commerce sites Chinese

She added the United States the third largest e-commerce platform in China to its list of “markets notorious”, due to violations of intellectual property rights, and kept China on the list of priorities related to fears of piracy and counterfeiting.

And the Office of the United States Trade Representative USTR website window Pinduoduo, the bank ranked second in terms of number of users, on the Black List markets business, which failed to curb the sale of counterfeit products.

Also maintained the Office of the United States Trade Representative on the existence of a market Taobao travels, which connects small merchants to consumers, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group Alibaba Group, the largest e-commerce platform in China, within the list.

Come review the USTR’s Annual Protection of the trading partners of intellectual property rights within the so-called “Markets bad reputation” at a time when the United States and China negotiations to end the battles of the tariff, which cost the country billions of dollars.

Said an official in the Office of the USTR: “the inclusion of China in the list reflects the urgent need to address a range of concerns relating to intellectual property”, referring to the concerns expressed by the management of Trump in the trade talks, including requirements for technology transfer, violation of copyright, piracy, and counterfeiting.

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He said the Office of the USTR in the report on the website Pinduoduo: “many of the shoppers are interested at studying the prevalence of counterfeit products on the site, but they are nevertheless attracted to the low price on the House.”

In response to the report, described a spokeswoman for the position of endowed goods as a problem at the level of the industry, saying: “the site will work with trade associations, rights holders and brands, and regulators, to help clean up the site”.

The company spokesperson “We have introduced one of the harshest punishments the Chinese in relation to forgery, and working closely with law enforcement, and the techniques used to reduce suspicious products in a proactive manner, to ensure a shopping experience of world class consumers”.

Although Alibaba has taken some steps to limit the display and sale of infringing products, the rights holders, especially SMEs, continue to report large quantities of the infringing products, the problems relating to the use of procedures for removal, according to the Office of the USTR.

A spokesman for Alibaba: the company does not agree to the decision of the Office of the USTR to keep the market Taobao in the list, adding that the company’s practices considered best in class by industry members, including the arrest of 1752 suspects, the closure of 1282 a centre for industry and distribution.

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