The United States used Google Translate to examine the refugees

You know, the United States premium services of citizenship and immigration the American (USCIS) to criticism because of the use of it Translation tools on the internet, examine publications, social media platforms for migrants, following the issuance of the report sheds light on this issue by the site of ProPublica news.

Although Google said: the translation service is not intended to replace human translators and should not be relied upon for complex tasks, but the American government used to assist in determining whether it should allow the refugees access to the country based on their postings on social networking sites.

Advised to guide the staff of the citizenship and Immigration Services us using one of the many free translation services online offered by Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and other search engines, in order to translate the publications in foreign languages.

Contains a guide to federal agency in charge of the admission of immigrants also instructions on how to use the translation of Google, explaining that the text is pasted in tools such as Google Translate (Google Translate) or (Bing) was the most effective method.

The report said – that he got the evidence and documents by the international project to assist refugees (IRAP) – the translation tools over the internet often translates the sentence incorrectly interprets linguistic differences between the Mandarin and the wrong.

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But the circle of citizenship and Immigration Services of America, told the news site to check the publications of the social media platform was good, explaining that the information collected from social media platforms, in and of itself, will not be basis for refusal of Refugee Resettlement.

Said Betsy Fisher Betsy Fisher, director of the strategic plan (IRAP): we are very concerned that the government issued instructions to officials using the software are not eligible during the conduct of the examination, which determines whether a refugee can access to the country and reunite his family.

Includes staff directory the procedures to be used when checking in the people who have already got a spouse or parents for refugee status in the United States, which recognizes that online translation services may not fully understand the local dialect or vernacular language sometimes.

Tell the experts of the language the site of ProPublica news to rely on translators robots in relation to the publication of social contact likely to lead to errors because they can’t learn slang or nuances.

And the United States now of all applicants for a visa to the United States to provide details of accounts on social media platforms.

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