The US attorney General’s office has accused Apple of interference with secret services

Categorically that Apple has shown in relation to user data, protecting them from disclosure, and prevents law enforcement authorities of their powers to ensure public order. This was stated by Deputy U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein, speaking at a conference on cybercrime at the law School of Georgetown University. In his opinion, such behavior is absolutely unacceptable in the conditions of constantly rising role of technology in the process of solving crimes.

Modern agenda, in which technology companies think they have the right to determine the law enforcement, is totally unacceptable, says Rosenstein. Protecting the interests of a small group of individuals, producers, and refused to issue information about users, cause irreparable harm to the credibility of the intelligence agencies, as well as contribute to the spread of crime. Confident that their actions will not be disclosed due to the protection it companies, gives the criminals a false sense of permissiveness and impunity.

Apple and security services — sincerity or rigorous calculation

But in Cupertino consider the position of the Rosenstein distortion of facts. According to Apple representatives, the company is always ready to provide its assistance to the secret service in the investigation of crimes, denying only in exceptional cases. For example, when it comes to the provision of data concerning the private life of the suspect in the crime. While for some it is the technique, according to separate private information from public, not reported.

Practice shows that Apple is not being disingenuous when he talks about providing possible assistance to the security forces in solving crimes. It is known that earlier this year an unnamed leaders of the company got in touch with the FBI, offering to assist in the investigation of the case of a mass shooting in one of the churches of Texas. The desire of Apple to help intelligence agencies caused a lot of rumours about possible concessions that the company is going to just not be in the doghouse with leadership of the country.

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