The US marshals service auction of confiscated bitcoins 17.6 million dollars

At the end of 2017, the court in South Korea has forbidden the police to sell the cryptocurrency seized from the owner of the fraudulent website. Now Bitcoin in the country safer than a safe. In the USA the situation is different β€” there marshals service held the auction. Staff sold 2170,7 bitcoins confiscated during the investigation, Federal, civil and administrative cases.

How to buy bitcoins at auction

At the time of publication notes the total value of the lots was $ 17.6 million dollars. On what is the rate of coins sold, not reported.

According to the Agency, most of the lots in size 2100 bought one. In total, the auction was attended by 42 of the buyer.

As noted by CoinDesk, among cases that were seized bitcoins, is the case of Russia Alexander tverdokhlebova. In February 2017, he was arrested on charges of stealing money from thousands of Bank accounts of Americans. How many bitcoins Russians managed to arrest the marshals, not reported.

One of the first auctions on sale of confiscated bitcoins took place in the USA in 2013. Then the authorities sold 27 thousand bitcoins (or $ 18 million at the time) confiscated from owners of Silk Road.

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