The US military uses electronics in the risks of the known security

Using U.S. Army electronics security threats, known, where he bought a staff of the Ministry of defense electronics, more than $ 32.8 million in fiscal year 2018, which they are known to contain security flaws, according to the assessment the Commissioner-General of the Ministry of Defence.

Were these purchases by the staff of the army and Air Force, using payment cards issued by the government for small purchases under $ 10 thousand dollars.

It is believed the Commissioner-General of the Ministry of defence that the army and Air Force – as a result of this procurement – provided equipment is weak in their networks can be exploited by opponents of the United States.

Narrative report specifically printers Lexmark Lexmark; and all GoPro cameras; and computers Lenovo as problematic.

And bought staff of the army and the Air Force over 8 thousand printer of Lexmark printers – at a cost of up to more than $ 30 million – to be used in the networks of the army and Air Force.

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Congress had indicated in the report issued during the 2018 to weaknesses in the supply chain, warning against the use of devices, Lexmark, and claiming that the company is actually based in China do not have links with Chinese and nuclear programmes and experimental electronic country.

Affected by the Lexmark printers by more than 20 points twice in the past, including the storage and send the data to access the network sensitive to the form of plain text and allow to execute malicious code on the printer.

Complained the army and air also 117 camera of GoPro cameras, worth up to approximately 98 thousand dollars, said the commissioner: the cameras have gaps that may allow an attacker remote access to network data stored and streaming video.

It can be through the exploitation of these vulnerabilities view broadcast video or start recording or take photos without the user’s knowledge.

The biggest problem was in the report are purchases of computers Lenovo, where he highlighted many of the problems in the purchase of equipment to Lenovo, such as the warning of numerous Security issued by the United States government against the use of these devices.

Banned US State Department in 2006 to use computers Lenovo on their networks soon after reports that the computers Lenovo factory using hardware or software hidden use of e-learning.

The Ministry of Homeland Security similar warning in 2015 on computers and Lenovo containing the spy software installed in earlier, along with many critical vulnerabilities.

In spite of all previous warnings, he bought a U.S. Army 195 products of Lenovo in 2018, amounting to a total value of slightly less than 268 thousand dollars in bought Air Force 1337 is another product of Lenovo products at a cost of $ 1.9 million.

Relieves government officials and Americans – in the face of rising political tensions with China to the higher levels of a potential accident between countries can have disastrous effects on the infrastructure of Information Technology in the United States, which became filled with Chinese.

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