The US Senate’s questioning of Apple leather multi for iPhone old

Continue to Apple TV currently several questions by the US authorities on Sunday last relating to the value of relenting multi for iPhone old after a claim-France deep head of consumer protection at the Ministry of economy, the French interpretation of its actions. During yesterday, he sent Senator John thune Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee letter to Tim Cook, President of Apple development, containing various questions about the company and what I did to delay the multi-for iPhone old and harming the customer. According to Mr. Thong, who requested an answer from Apple by 23 January: “I led the proposed solutions from Apple TV to more criticism from some customers, particularly the decision not to provide batteries a free alternative to compensate them”. Recall that Apple’s yet to be revealed officially about to slow her down on the to iPhone old, explained that this was due to watch on the battery and the closure of a sudden for after the consumption of the old is large, and thus offered to all customers a discount of$ 50 to the price of the battery to be 29$, but it was not enough to absorb the wrath of customers where they see to this move is to force them to buy Models iPhone new thereby raising many issues on the company. Source: Wall Street Journal

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