The use of Smart Compose in Gmail that way

A new feature in version Gmail updated for the Web using machine learning and a lot of writing letters or replies to it, the property name of the Smart Compose and proposes to the user complete a sentence that appears in the book, it can be activated this way.

1 – Tap on the Settings icon in Gmail’s copy the updated web.

Get the new version of Gmail that way.

2. Select the settings/Settings.

3 – under the General tab/General search for Enable experimental access to be able to use characteristics of the experimental aphid.

4 – Press Save Changes below to download Gmail of new.

5 – go to Settings again, and under the General tab/General look for Smart Compose, and the option of Writing suggestions on.

FEI, next time you Write a letter you’ll find suggestions in light gray, but available in English only until now.

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