The valley of the geniuses and Geeks Valley gets investment Saudi

Geeks Valley

Geeks Valley

I took the projects of the Internet of things and digital manufacturing in Saudi Arabia fast-track to confidence of the markets, financing and investment, and has been the monitoring of a range of conventions pointing to acquire partial or total during the first half of 2018 .

It was the beginning of “the valley of the geniuses” in the room belong to a small apartment, with mid-2015, so the description of taher balawi beginning of the project, stressing that his bet on his passion, the evening, his ambition was greater than his bet on a master’s degree in e-services, technologies, or functions under the certificate of the University .

Turned the “valley of the geniuses” in a few years to the headquarters of the independent, and pack a wide range of projects, manufacturing of digital and Internet stuff, and focus on the discovery ( young geniuses ), and gave clear indications of a desire for leadership and to explore the semantics of the genius of the early segments of public education students, according to the patterns of training camp, and the Scout, seasonal develop .

And March is also “the valley of the geniuses” of the group suitable for exploratory work and competitive custom of amateur applicants, during years 2016 and 2017 in several cities of Saudi Arabia was one of its contest space apps challenge NASA.

Embodies the “valley of the geniuses,” the spirit of the Saudi data, artificial intelligence, promising a leap of technology and investment, and also accommodated the requirements of vision 2030, and achieving alignment with the environments of life and the societies of Saudi Arabia, in order to improve – with the raising of the quality of life of individuals and communities, and strengthen the relationship between service provider ( government or private sector ) and the public .

And I got the “valley of the geniuses” on the investment in order to cover and implement a list of thesis and quality projects as soon as digital manufacturing, innovation and the Internet of things, as they need to grow, and is not a luxury technology .

Did not reveal “the valley of the geniuses” about the size of the investment, saying only that the meeting package of the stock and also did not reveal the identity of the investor only as a company investment Saudi.

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