The value of Apple’s rise to one trillion US dollars again

Today I can Apple to revert back again to become a company with a market value of more than a trillion dollars, so that after the announcement of the iPhone 11 new.

Apple managed to reach this achievement by offering its shares at a higher value of 221.28 USD today, which resulted in a market value of over a trillion dollars ( dollars), based on the presence of 4.519.180.000 Leo shares 19/7/2019 which have been disclosed in other reports of Apple’s past.

Recall that Apple had previously reached the value of the trillion dollars in August 2019 after the stock price reached to 207 USD except that the company may re-purchase of a large number of its shares again, which had an impact on the market value then.

Recall also that the value of the stock has increased by 3% when Apple introduced its conference to play Steve Jobs last Tuesday which included the launch of the iPhone and iPad the new at the side of the smart and also some services such as Arcade and T in the plus.

At the moment Apple and Microsoft are the only two matches up the value of their market to top $ 1 trillion this in a while that Amazon has reached this achievement earlier parking very close access to him.

Source: MacRumors

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