The value of Microsoft’s market take the barrier of one billion dollars

قيمة مايكروسوفت السوقية تتخطي حاجز المليار دولار

Can Microsoft after the strong results it has achieved in the last quarter entering the club one billion dollars as an American company up to that number after the Apple and Amazon when you have made it in the last year, where he opened yesterday’s trading price of shares of the company worth $ 130 and closed the trading at $ 125 to make the police take my barrier file path officially during trading hours.

Maybe it’s not weird at Microsoft that I can skip the Apple TV at the end of last year in the value of its total, but of course time was first achieved distinctive results in the market and last to suffer from a big dip in its value due to a decline in their sales, as that trade was at the time somewhat under a billion dollars.

Managed Microsoft’s revenue reached $ 30.6 million increased by 14% from last year, as it managed to achieve $ 8.8 million net income increased 19% from the same period last year.

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