The Vatican is releasing a smart bracelet, which will help you to pray

Yes, the eyes do not change and you’ve got that right. Today, as you know, is not the first of April. Smart bracelet called eRosary, which will help people to pray, produced with the support of the Vatican and personally to the Pope, will soon go on sale. And this is the real “smart” gadget, made in the form of beads with a cross. It is, according to producers, will help you to “pray, even if you have no time for this.”

Until then walked progress!

I would like to mention that with this news we’re not trying to insult someone or belittle any of the religious denominations. Our website is devoted exclusively to new digital and mobile world (as we have regularly reported in our Telegram channel) and by the announcement of such an unusual and rather unique gadget we just couldn’t pass.

What is the bracelet for prayer?

As you know, a long time ago on devices running Android and iOS is a free app Click to Pray. It includes a small interactive audio guide, some important facts about Catholicism (Click to Pray dedicated to him), and also various types of prayers. So, eRosary is to some extent a logical continuation of the ideas Click to Pray, working with him in pairs.

ERosary bracelet consists of 10 connected to each other black balls made of agate stones and hematite. The beads form a bracelet rosary, which are the two sides are fastened to the cross. Inside the cross is the module to synchronize the gadget with the app on your smartphone, as well as a number of sensors for recognizing movement of a cross in space. To activate only need to take your device in hand and “draw” them in the air the sign of the cross. Then you can start a prayer.

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Also noteworthy is the fact that the app Click to Pray has full compatibility with “smart” beads and using various gestures can be controlled by the app (to read more about this, you can use the promotional video, available below). As one would expect from a smart device connected to the application, this bracelet will track and show your progress throughout the year. Moreover, apparently, Click to Pray set out to become a real social network that will bring together Catholics from around the world. In the app you can share with friends and other people around the world with their achievements, but also to obtain their feedback and recommendations for the prayers.

The output is a very unusual device is planned for 26 October 2019. The cost of the gadget is 99 euros. If you still don’t believe us, you can personally go to the purchase page and see this in person. And if you suddenly decide to buy “smart” rosary, then be sure to share your experience from the acquisition.

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