The Venezuelan President was lying about the sales volume of Petro

In the first half of the month, Nicolas Maduro shared another record-national cryptocurrency El Petro. According to him, the volume of agreements for the purchase of coins has reached five billion dollars, and the lucky ones became 83 thousand people from 127 countries. Journalists suspected the President in false figures.

The deceit is possible with cryptocurrency El Petro

Information was shared by the staff of CCN. Journalists checked out a whitepaper on the official website and find out the exact number of tokens for holding the ICO. The number is 38.4 million. And because each token is worth $ 60, maximum sales could be only 2,304 billion.

While the source did not account for the 60 percent discount, which the government promised for this phase. Even if Maduro told the truth about the five billion, about data are on the website of the cryptocurrency. Recall the last time he reported 200927 proposals for the purchase of 133 countries.

Otherwise, get the manipulation of information for PR Petro. This scenario is easily explained. After the ban of the operations of the coin from Donald trump her reputation certainly shaken.

Also the flames have added a message about the cooperation of the government of Venezuela with Russian programmers. We will remind, the Russian foreign Ministry called this information is false.

Will investors react to the calculations of journalists is unknown. While the noticeable reaction no.

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