The versions of “our books” on the market dot com, get your favorite book

“Print on demand” service developed by the platform, “we wrote,” recently, for the first time in Egypt and the Arab world, and service in front of the reader two options, either Read the book electronically on the website of the “our books” or get them printed via the “Print Service On Demand”.

And print-on-demand, provided by our books, authors and creators to publish their work on paper without the need of the Committee the role of the traditional publishing and book printing by technology is digital printing, and print book author when a reader request via the site we wrote, and is connected to a book-reader anywhere in the Arab Republic of Egypt and through the website jumia and the location of the angel.

Joined to these sites, recently the site of “the market dot com” to sell their products with offering special discounts to users of the site, and some of the packages on the books. And is Market dot com is the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world, and today more than 23 million visitors per month, and grows very quickly due to the increasing number of shoppers via the internet in the Arab world.

He explained muhannad Hamid, Director of operations at we wrote that “the market dot com of important in Email Marketing, and deal with the important shift for us, will undoubtedly achieve the targets and provide better service to our clients.”

It is worth mentioning that the platform we wrote the first platform for personal growth in Egypt and the Arab world the custom for young writers and readers who are looking for both new and prefer to read on smartphones and regulations electronic, it encourages even the 650 Starter to run e-commerce with our books, of whom Dr. hatim zaghloul the Egyptian Canadian who founded the Whelan Wi-Lan.

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