The video reveals a phone for Huawei Mate 20 silver

The subject video reveals phone Huawei Mate 20 silver appeared on Engadget.

A new video published recently on the internet, review the phone another perpetrator of Huawei Huawei Mate 20, where the phone appears in silver.

The lights during this period the manufacturing giant phone Huawei, to possible versions coming from the company, in the latest recording of today’s monitoring of phone Mate 20.

Most of the leaks that were published during the financial period the focus was first on the phone Mate 20 Pro, but the latest leaks confirm the version of the last Mate 20.

Confirm the leaks published via Weibo, that the phone Mate 20 comes at a lower price than the version possible Mate 20 Pro.

Also according to the video that has been leaked, the phone Mate 20 is designed largely preserves phone Mate 20 Pro in the background.

The design of the camera in both phones come in box with the sign of the Leica brand, it also comes phone Mate 20 with the sensor footprint in the back of the phone, unlike a fingerprint sensor phone Mate 20 Pro which comes on the screen.

Phone Mate 20 shows a conventional flat, with small edges of the two sides, and little at the bottom also.


In previous leaks appeared phone Mate 20 Pro with a bump at the top of the screen, while the phone comes Mate 20 portion and a small camera, front proximity sensor.

Speaker acoustics in the phone Mate 20 comes in the edge of the screen frame to the top of the phone’s design unlike the design of the previous version.

Expected to watch phone Mate 20 for sale in the end of October with the Pro version of the phone, also the phone appears in video silver which is one of the available colors of the handset, along with black, blue, green, its the other colors of the gradient.


The subject video reveals phone Huawei Mate 20 silver appeared on Engadget.

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