The Vietnam war proved the danger of powerful magnetic storms

Геомагнитная буря

Powerful magnetic storms are included in the list of space disasters, can destroy life on Earth. The strong flow of the solar wind can knock out all the electronics, leaving the planet without light and heat, without which life is unimaginable. The study of secret documents from the Vietnam war once again proved the danger of solar activity. It was confirmed that once they have become triggered dozens of underwater min.

These mines were laid off the coast of North Vietnam by the Navy of the United States in the framework of the operation “Pocket money”. A few weeks later, on August 4, 1972, South of Haiphong city, there were about 20-30 of explosions. Magnetic mines could work only with the appearance of ships, which cause changes in the magnetic field. No nearby objects was not, therefore, scientists of the time thought of the impact of solar activity.

According to senior lecturer Melbourne University of technology Brett Carter, the scientists of the 1970s were aware of the ability of the Sun to initiate changes in the magnetic field. However, they doubted that the strength of the magnetic storm is enough to trigger landmines. Re-examination of historical documents revealed that in 1972 there have indeed been excessive activity of the Sun.

In the period from 2 to 4 August in the region of the Sun called MR 11976 produced a series of flares that reached Earth in only 14.6 hours. This is an absolute record — usually to achieve a geomagnetic field of the Earth, the pulses required from 24 to 48 hours. The reason for the increased speed are considered two of the previous release, which cleared the way to our planet. The incident of the storm was not only the cause of mine explosions, and power outages and telephone.

The authors of the new study believe that the power of the solar storm from the Vietnam war comparable to the power of the “Carrington Event” of 1859. Similar activity today might become the cause of failure of satellites and power systems. To avoid this, the researchers intend to further explore the incident of the storm to come up with a way of preventing their consequences.

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