The Wall Luxury screen the size of a 292-inch Samsung and accurately display 8K

Move the giant Korean to a new level in the development of the young actress on the adult, it revealed a screen size of entire wall almost up to 292 inches and supports a display resolution of 8K.

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Samsung launched the first version of a screen Wall for sale in the month of January last, as the screen size 146 inches, and the distinction of the screen with MicroLED.

It is a new move Samsung to a new level in the development of the screens possible on the very large that up to 292 inches, the display accuracy of 8k where the availability of Samsung’s new category of screens starting from this month in sizes starting from 73-inch strictly 2K to the size of a 292-inch size of the entire wall almost.

Come screen The Wall Luxury with a thickness of 30 mm only as it applies to the design without frames almost where it ends the display image when the edge of the screen, as well as includes screen technology MicroLED possible emission optical binary, where the support of the young age up to 100000 hours.

And Samsung to to screen The Wall Luxury, characterized by a brightness of 2000 nits, and also supports the display 120 frames per second, and also supports screen wizard featured images with artificial intelligence works on image processing and the production of content, well-proportioned characteristic of the highest standard, also offering the Samsung screen The Wall Luxury all suitable fun contact wired and wireless.


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