The Wall Street confirms: a Sony home next to the professionals and focus on strengthening relationships with top publishers!

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Confirmed a new report from the Wall Street Journal famous that the Sony Corporation for interactive see that Microsoft is the appropriate statute for the next generation, and that the platform Stadia may pose a risk to the medium term or the long term.

The report confirmed that Sony see that people buy home consoles for cutting edge graphics, Sony is doing what she can to grabbed the attention of big publishers, and publishers are interested in that expect their games to the largest possible amount of product, but companies the First party interested in receiving the content exclusive.

Some small businesses feel that Sony is no longer afraid of her like the former, on the contrary of the company into which became events in support of these titles. Sony was doing it in the past, but they don’t plan on it this year. Sony still welcomes the developer’s independent, but a greater focus on strengthening the relationships with the big publishers.

In the perspective of Sony, people buy consoles to buy games big, and not small games existing even on mobile devices.

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