The way to secure Wi-Fi network

Hacking Wi-Fi networks is one of the things that worry any user, what is things interested for calling and data router filters your pack subscription, so it is necessary to address such a problem all the way until the user can act on the OWN network with utmost safety and without the slightest problem, so we have prepared our today’s article about the way to secure the device and network Wi-Fi.

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Methods include a number of steps once you do it is insurance. your Wi-Fi router nicely, and be able to volunteer to hack the WiFi or tinker in the settings.

The way to secure Wi-Fi network

  • Access to the settings of the router : the access to the Settings your device’s Wi-Fi, then open the browser and write in it or write the number on the sticker your router, and then entering settings also the user name and the record you have, in the case it has been forgotten they can reset the router and then typing Admin in the box user name and password also, then will be enter..
  • The main page and the settings of Wi-Fi protection system you can change the encryption to WPA2 : encryption is not to allow hackers to guess passwords, which is encrypted is very necessary, to get into this holidays and you have to move to the settings of the router and then search for this option, Wireless Security or Wireless depending on the settings of the router.


  • Will appear another option is Security, then pressed .
  • After that you will see the option Network Authentication or choice of Encryption depending on the type and model of the router, no option of them have pressed.
  • Then it will show a list of options to the encoder, you define the encryption WPA2.

Followed by a secure Wi-Fi network

  • After this is done change the name and password, preferably a password is strong and difficult to guess by others.

How to change the password of Wi-Fi

  • Then search for the option to change the password, which is usually after the General Settings or options Maintenance .

The use of MAC addresses to secure your Wi-Fi router

  • Every device has a MAC address connected to it on the internet to be exclusive and special only.
  • You can remove all the elements of the Mac’s that don’t know her and the address of the device you just .
  • Log in to the DHCP settings of the router, and then it addresses to the Mac.
  • And then access to the filter addresses to the MAC Address Filter.
  • Go to the option to filter titles, which you can find below the list of Wireless.
  • Then click on Add, followed by add titles to be added to call the police, and headlines that form in it.

Secure Wi-Fi network by reducing the extent of signal coverage

This method is simple, used by some users as a solution easier and faster, reducing the extent of coverage of the Wi-Fi signal so that they are not only in the perimeter of the house only, this is done as follows :

  • Control over the spread of Wi-Fi network by searching on this option TX Power.
  • After that you will see that the default value for the spread of the network is 70 or 0 and some routers be 100.
  • We put the value of 50.


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