The way you connect the controller to the PS4 and Xbox iPhone iPad

Thanks to the iOS update 13 , which was officially launched back by days, became devices iPhone, iPad, and supports controllers PlayStation 4 and Xbox, and thus can be used with games that support controllers, here’s a way to connect the console, and it’s the same way for both the iPhone and iPad, and even Apple TV.

To pair your controller with your iOS device

1 – make sure to activate the polling mode to the control unit.

To activate the mode on the Xbox controller press the Xbox button key, then press and hold the share button for a few seconds. On the controller the PS4 press the main button down with a button joint at the same time until you see the flashing console.

طريقة توصيل وحدة تحكم PS4 و Xbox بآيفون وآيباد 1

طريقة توصيل وحدة تحكم PS4 و Xbox بآيفون وآيباد 1First click the Xbox button, then for a few seconds on the button of the joint plan. At the same time, press the PS button the main button to participate

2 – on your iPhone or iPad, there is to apply the settings and turn on Bluetooth, when will controllers (active has put the proposal) within the other hardware ready to connect.

3 – Click on the name of the console to complete the proposal, or click on the exclamation mark next to the name to cancel the proposal if you want.

Was the proposal. Thus you will be able to use controllers in games that support external controllers.

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