The Windows Update May 10, 2019 Main now available to everyone

Now the Windows 10 update key which is known as the update May 2019 available to all users download it to their computers and take advantage of the advantages of the new which include new themes and support for Kaomoji and new security with the Cortana search engine and more.

The most important new features is the security property to deal with the executable files exe. From unreliable sources so that it runs under a private environment isolated from other applications so as not to harm them if they carry malicious software. In this case, the Microsoft sing to you about the installation of programs within a virtual environment to ease the burden on the bus and reduces the time and effort.

Provided Microsoft this release the main to the test last month she solved a lot of problems based on the reviews, and today became available for download in its final form.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, there is a control panel and group health dashboard New know existing problems in this update and other updates monthly and the group disbanded.

Now you can download the new update on your computer by going to Settings – Security Updates – Update Windows and of course the condition that have been erected all the major updates and important previous.

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