The wolf of wall street warns of the fall of the stock market. What will happen to Bitcoin?

Infamous businessman Jordan Belfort once again called cryptocurrency a complete fraud. The wolf of wall street warned of captainvalor live CNBC TV. Belfort said that he has considerable experience in fraud and can immediately recognize the criminal scheme. This writes NewsBTC.

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin

According to Belfort, his “delicate expertise” as he is a great tool to identify the various Scam.

I was a fraud. I did the fraud down to a science and know exactly what is happening with Bitcoin. The whole concept of the crypts are very stupid, and would-be investors simply washed their brains.

Recall that in 1999, Belfort pleaded guilty to the manipulation of penny stocks. The damage from the actions of the brokerage company Stratton Oakmont Belfort has hundreds of millions of dollars. According to the famous fraudster, a similar fate awaits the stock market — it will simply disappear within a few years. The investors in the crypt will remain empty.

Bitcoin has dissolved like a Mirage. In this industry a lot of honest people who just destroy.

In proof of his theory of Belfort noted that manipulate the price of Bitcoin is much easier than to manipulate the stock prior to the Internet age. At the time, the Wolf of wall street resorted to the help of friends and accomplices that have convinced investors to invest their money in worthless stock.

Now, it is sufficient for the manipulation of trading bots that make people the “dirty work”. ICO also become synonymous with fraud — only a small part of them can reach more than a year on the stock market.

The decentralised nature of Bitcoin, too, will not save the cryptocurrency anonymity and independence will soon be banned by the governments of major countries. However, while the crypt is not banned fully on such a high level. Except that with the exception of a few countries.

The US government has put enormous amount of effort to get full control of the issue of a global currency. And after all that, they just let an anonymous cryptocurrency, which would deny them any control over the economy? This is illogical. Besides, there are many other problems — excessive consumption of electricity, the inefficiency of the transaction and the use of Bitcoin as means of payment.

However, even the Wolf of wall street does not excludethat the main cryptocurrency can greatly increase in the future. Other prospects of Bitcoin you can always discuss in our chat.


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