The word “no” attribute of successful entrepreneurs

The word “no” attribute of successful entrepreneurs

The dog the worst in the world (which is used by and successful business every day!)


When we were children, we learned to listen to our parents and teachers when adults. This means do not reply only with (present) at all times.

Teach our society that in order to move forward in life, we have to work hard and cooperate well with others: even if it means to accomplish tasks and projects that I don’t love her.

All that a necessary part of our real lives, isn’t it? Go to school and your homework and the test and class. Then when you eventually enter the job market, realize that your profession is “to obey the orders and requests” has just begun!

Where is the problem?

The problem is that saying “yes/yes” for each task or application do not always help you move forward in your personal or professional life. On the contrary, memory can surrender that hurt your ability to succeed.

Thought leaders influencers of their own power (not)!


Not mastered most of the rejection (including me). I didn’t learn how to do this as children, and encourages us as adults. For most of us, even saying the word (not) uncomfortable by nature. To meet orders or to say “yes” is inherent in our DNA.


But I’m here to tell you it’s okay to start saying (not) the most in your life and in your business, here’s why:

Successful entrepreneurs and leaders Great are not afraid to say the word. Let’s (Warren Buffett – Warren Buffet) as an example: one of the most famous leaders of business, was quoted as saying: “the difference between successful people normally the owners of a stunning success is that the people the owners of the stunning success they say (no) to almost every thing”.

For “Buffett”, the “no” means the reduction of the provinces, or work on the most important things.

This is entirely consistent with what he said (Steve Jobs-Steve Jobs) once for the focus and (don’t):

“Many believe that (focus) means say (yes) the thing that you should focus on. But this concept is totally wrong. The focus means that we (don’t) men the idea that come to our minds. Choose only one of them carefully.”

Even the (Jason Pfeiffer-Jason Feifer), the chief editor of the magazine Entrepreneur, once wrote: (We can’t do everything, we focus on what deserves our time only).

All of the above are just examples, but there are countless leaders of business and other managers and leaders throughout history who understood the power and the ability to respond with confidence when it’s important to us.

But still you have to say (yes) from time to time for things I don’t want to do. You have to choose your battles. If how do you know when you don’t have to retreat, and satisfaction with the process at all?

In my experience, it happens when:

  1. Be associated with a deadline (Deadline)

If you know you need to focus on completing the task or project at a certain time, just say (no) to projects that distract you and affect in the end your ability to succeed.


  1. When your physical health/psychological on the

If the answer(yes) will adversely affect your health, physical or psychological, for the former to focus on maintaining your health.

Discover (John Joshua-Jon Youshaei), the founder of the site Cartoon Every Vowel, that’s the hard way:

“In college, everyone told me I should be a banker investment” tell me about the place … money … … money …. Moment! Did I mention the money earlier? So I did everything in my power to get training in banks. But when I got it in the end, I was miserable”.

“Next year, I applied to work in the company of my dreams Google, where he spent weeks in the processing of my resume, I’ve rocked the last based on the interview so much that he asked me to show them when viewing their work opportunities in the future”

“That moment taught me the importance of focus: you learned to say (no) opportunities good I can see wonderful opportunities. So no promises to keep all your options open is always the best option”.


  1. When you are asked to perform unethical, illegal or inconsistent with your values

If saying “yes” means committing a crime or doing something that is not consistent with your morals and your principles, avoid putting yourself in a position hold your life forever.

Owns (Sol Orwell – Sol Orwell), co-founder for, car on his personal website about keeping things simple. He wrote: “Do not say the partnerships or to provide programs, marketing affiliate and sharing likes pages movie or watch to our customers.”

Then following says:

“If you want to send me a book, please note that upon receipt of the above-mentioned book will be destroyed immediately! … To clarify: this is not because I’m a bad person … but I adopted was simply this policy is not flexible because they reflect the real work”.


  1. When asked to sacrifice to balance between work and personal life

If I ask you to do means that you can’t invest in personal relationships or work-life balance, tell (her). Remember: work is not everything.

As I wrote (Sony me – Sonya Lee), executive president of Advisor Emerging Business at Mowie Media, “after launching my company, the second technical, I was working so that I didn’t realize how tired I was. that I broke down literally from exhaustion. I realized my team and encouraged me to take a break for some time… I had to say “yes!” For the same”.


  1. Are you hired for tasks that you know they are automation

If you don’t I ask you to do is the best use of my time, especially in relation to tasks that can be automated, you have to say (no) to propose better solutions.


  1. While I don’t expect the task with your goal

If you are not professional or demand complies with your goals, say it (don’t).
Avoid projects that take all the time but not closer to your vision of a successful outcome that you are looking for.


Books (Golden Chan-Goldie Chan), one of the top creators of LinkedIn and the founder of the company “Warm Robots“: “it is important that there be one clear goal, so it’s easy to say (not) … earlier this year, I began to focus on writing more, means that I (don’t) watch the check is paid so I can prioritize writing”.


  1. When you know in your heart that you can’t accomplish the task

If you know you can’t achieve what is asked of you because of your abilities or deadline for the task, be honest and say (no). It’s better to be frank and honest than to disappoint or cause damage to the other party.


The bottom line

Requires say (not) a lot of practice. And he needs you to trust yourself. It’s not easy, but it is a skill worth learning and application in order to move forward in your personal life and in your career.


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